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These end-time books, these parts of the end-time Psalms of God, I, The Lord Jesus, have dictated to My willing servant, Anthony. These end-time Psalms of God highlight the behaviour of man, highlight the streaming ways of Heaven, highlight the testing of man, highlight the call for man, highlight the eternities of man, highlight the preparation of man, highlight the protocols of Heaven, highlight the love of God for man, highlight the adoption of man into the family of God. These end-time Psalms of God accompany My word of ages, My scriptures recorded for the advantaging of man, My inter-relationship with man in his development upon The Earth.

I, The Lord, speak this day to those who read My word released, who read My word dictated, who read My word recorded. I, The Lord, speak to those readied to encounter My word prepared to be disseminated: in the Land of the Americas, in The Land proclaiming their trust in God, in The Land of birthright of the many, in the Land of the birthright of the few, in the Land to be the birthright of new families within the sight of God. I, The Lord, encourage, with My Spirit’s leading, the keen interest of the food as laid before them, of the potential awaiting just encouragement, of the many who have committed to a life within The Family of God, of the few still wandering as in a daze: where God remains unknown and freewill
succumbs to self-satisfaction within the day and night. I, The Lord, review the levels of preparation of the many with an interest in a bridal gathering, in a bridal selection, in a bridal awaiting, in the uniqueness of a happening
within The Family of God. I, The Lord, commend this sixth book as a part of The End-time Psalms of God— as to the declarations and the requests of God, to the urgency of pleas, to the summary of facts, to the counselling and Wisdom, to the secular and the spiritual, to the hesitant and the procrastinators— who lay at risk of that of which they may have dreamed.

I, The Lord Jesus, speak to all who hold this the eighth book as dictated to, and recorded by, My servant, Anthony. For mighty is his effort in his perseverance and commitment with his one finger typing. I, The Lord Jesus, cause this, My end-time record for man, to be brought before him: for his perusal in order he may come to an understanding— of his prospects for a future life with Me. I, The Lord Jesus, recommend man’s examination carefully and with attention: for all that is declared to man in these eight books— emanating from The Throne Room of God. For these, My end-time scrolls, impart knowledge of what man should expect prior to My return: of how to dwell in Righteousness, of the importance of The Truth, of the gifts of My Spirit, of the prospects for My Bride, of the achievement of Eternal Life, of how to uplift The Promises of God, of how to accept My gift of Grace while it is today. I, The Lord Jesus, would not have man in ignorance, would not have man in fear, would not have man falling for the devil’s lies, for the devil’s temptations, for the devil’s capturing of the soul of man. I, The Lord Jesus, have the angelic hosts of Heaven in their thousands of thousands on their thousands of thousands: who are assigned to attend to the welfare of My people— upon receipt of a request.